Picture of me standing on a dock in a yellow rain coat and old Seattle Mariners cap.

Eric Walkingshaw

Software engineer + PL researcher

About me

I’m a software engineer and programming languages researcher based in Corvallis, Oregon, USA.

My expertise is domain-specific language design and implementation, compilers, type systems, functional programming, and software variation. I also know my way around human factors of programming languages and dependently typed programming.

I’m primarily a Rust and Haskell hacker, though I enjoy learning new languages and so tend to dabble in lots of them. I like when languages encourage you to think about problem solving in new ways, so I’m especially drawn to research languages with exotic feature sets and esoteric languages.

Besides programming languages, I’m into other nerdy things like game theory, linguistics, board games, and sci-fi/fantasy books. I’m also into less nerdy things like playing tennis, gardening, traveling, and following my hometown sportsball teams.

I live with my wife Allison, an awesome graphic designer who does the board games, books, tennis, and traveling with me (but skips the rest to spend time with her horse), and our very anxious but very handsome cat Gort.

Check out my Research page for much more on my research interests and expertise, or my Software for links and brief descriptions of some projects I’ve worked on.

Looking for work!

I’m currently on the job hunt for remote-friendly positions, so please take a look at my engineering-oriented resume and my research-oriented CV, and shoot me an email if I look like a potential match for any roles you know about. Thanks!