Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Top 3 Jeff Francoeur Pictures

I've been working on my paper all night and I desperately needed a break and pick-me-up, so I compiled my top 3 favorite Jeff Francoeur photos of all time. It wasn't easy. Just type "Jeff Francoeur" into Google Images and you'll see. I was sad that I had to leave out some great ones from his bearded depressive period in Texas.

3. Jeff Francoeur catches a routine fly ball.

2. Jeff Francoeur swings just over the top of it.

You can't tell because of the camera angle, but dude's got the dopiest grin ever on his face right now.

1. Jeff Francoeur gets some sad news.

A simple picture that just says it all. The vacant but slightly maniacal eyes, the absurd grin, the unquenchable cheer.

And if you think this is just an awkward moment caught on camera, I again direct you to Google Images. This is his facial expression 90% of the time. Swinging the bat (often), throwing the ball, running the bases (rarely).

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